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  • Chaiselong Wind Velour
    Sofa Wind Velour - Broste Copenhagen

    Broste Copenhagen series of furniture called "Wind" in beautiful Nordic style, with simple lines. The wind series consists of a sofa, a...

    8 385,00 DKK 9 990,00 DKK -1 605,00 DKK
  • Limited Special Offer
    Large Monkey - Kay Bojesen

    The monkey saw the light in for the first time in 1951. Kay Bojesen monkey has, with his exuberant personality and character, has the...

    7 995,00 DKK 9 995,00 DKK -2 000,00 DKK
  • Chaiselong Wind Velour
    Chaiselong Wind Velour

    Broste's Wind chaise longue has a beautiful Nordic style, with simple clean lines. There is also a sofa, chair, bench and pouf. The...

    7 440,00 DKK 8 990,00 DKK -1 550,00 DKK
  • Corner modul Ocean
    Corner modul Ocean

    Broste Copenhagen has designed the Ocean module sofa in a simple Nordic style. You can put together the various modules in a variety of...

    5 130,00 DKK 5 700,00 DKK
  • Noomi String stol
    Noomi String stol

    NOOMI STRING - GROWING INTO SOMETHING NEW. With references to branches on a tree the delicate slightly bended legs seizes the upper part...

    4 999,00 DKK 8 495,00 DKK -3 496,00 DKK
  • Happy the dog XL - Oak/Ash
    Happy the dog XL - Oak/Ash

    Big Happy is the big version of the popular Happy. It can do everything that Happy can - just in an even bigger, even happier and even...

    4 750,00 DKK 4 999,00 DKK -249,00 DKK
  • Single modul Ocean left
    Single modul Ocean left

    Broste Copenhagen has designed the Ocean module sofa in a simple Nordic style. You can put together the various modules in a variety of...

    4 680,00 DKK 5 200,00 DKK
  • Limited Special Offer
    Siff Ovalt Grøn Marmor sofabord - Cozy Living
    Siff Oval Marbel coffee table - Cozy Living

    Elegant oval coffee table in marble and glass, with metal stand in brass finish. The shelf below allows for storage of magazines and eg...

    4 190,00 DKK 4 490,00 DKK -300,00 DKK
  • Wind armchair - Broste Copenhagen
    Wind armchair - Broste Copenhagen

    The Wind armchair goes well with the other furniture in the Wind series. It comes in a durable velvet. It's clean lines fit perfectly the...

    4 090,00 DKK 4 995,00 DKK -905,00 DKK
  • Pendel Copernicus Antik Messing
    Chandelier antik brass and opal glas

    he chandelier exudes exclusivity and has a shape that stands out. Inspired by astronomy, it contributes to a bubbly and exciting form...

    3 995,00 DKK 4 995,00 DKK -1 000,00 DKK
  • Armchair Port - Black
    Armchair Porto

    Elegant armchair from the Swedish brand Wikholm form. The armchair is made from FSC certified teak and black or brown cow leather.Size:...

    3 775,00 DKK 4 195,00 DKK -420,00 DKK
  • Porto bench, Cognac
    Porto bench, Cognac

    Beautiful and classic bench from Swedish WikholmForm. With the beautiful craftsmanship, braided leather and aesthetic expression, this...

    3 505,50 DKK 3 895,00 DKK
  • Bænk - Air
    Bench Wind - Broste Copenhagen

    Bench from the series "Air" created by Broste Copenhagen. Use it alone or in conjunction with the couch in the same series.Material:...

    3 150,00 DKK 3 495,00 DKK -345,00 DKK
  • Chair Porto w. armrests - Black
    Porto dining chair with teak armrests and leather

    Make it comfortable and cozy for your guests to sit comfortably around the dining table throughout the dinner with these beautiful Porto...

    3 145,00 DKK 3 495,00 DKK -350,00 DKK
  • Hund Rufus Mega Bøglæder
    Dog Rufus Mega Berch/Leather

    Oscar got a big brother - and one big one of the kind. Rufus is 33 cm tall and a bit of a unique from Hans Bølling's hand. Like Oscar,...

    2 999,00 DKK 3 499,00 DKK -500,00 DKK
  • Gulvlampe Batonia H95cm Ø51cm
    Floorlamp Balonia H95cm Ø51cm

    Balonia floor lamp, a beautiful retro design lamp with a modern twist. The gold brushed exterior gives it a modern look and ensures that...

    2 995,00 DKK 3 495,00 DKK -500,00 DKK
  • Velour puf med messing ben - Udstillingsmodel
    Velour puf med messing ben - Udstillingsmodel
    2 995,00 DKK 4 495,00 DKK -1 500,00 DKK
  • Limited Special Offer
    Bænk - Air
    Bænk - Air

    Bench from the series "Air" created by Broste Copenhagen. Use it alone or in conjunction with the couch in the same series.Material:...

    2 975,00 DKK 3 495,00 DKK -520,00 DKK
  • Limited Special Offer
    Wind Bænk - Wild Ginger
    Wind Bænk - Wild Ginger
    2 500,00 DKK 3 495,00 DKK -995,00 DKK
  • VIA Coffee Table Ellipse
    VIA Coffee Table Ellipse

    Beautiful handmade oak table from Via Copenhagen produced locally on Præstø. The elliptical table comes in 2 sizes and you choose whether...

    2 150,00 DKK 4 295,00 DKK -2 145,00 DKK

Top Sellers

Pot holder Stanley, Small
Pot holder Stanley, 3 variants

Modern pot holder from Affari. Can be used indoors or out for...

29,95 DKK
LED lys med bevægelig flamme - 3 pak beigegrå/remote
LED Light 2-pc with remote/timer

Gift box with 2 LED light with realistic moving flame. With...

100,00 DKK
CONCEAL flydende væg-hylde 3-pak
Bookshelf Invisible 3-p

Conceal-shelves there is a new way to exhibit books. You get a...

269,95 DKK
Knob Mat Seagreen

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK
Glasskåner Modena D10 cm
Coaster Modena Ø10 cm

Coaster Modena in Felt, Ø 10cm in 3 different colors. Shoose...

14,95 DKK
Dækkeserviet Oval Black
Placemat Leather Oval Black

Beautiful and practical leather placemat with light sewing at...

119,00 DKK
Dækkeserviet Cognac Læder Oval
Placemat Leather Oval Cognac

Beautiful and practical leather placemat with light sewing at...

119,00 DKK
Coasters (3 sizes)
Round Coasters in Felt

Coasters in pure felted wool in many beautiful...

24,95 DKK
Knob Mat White
Knob Mat White

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK
Knob Mat Black
Knob Black Mat

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK
Knagerække "Flip" Maxi med 5 kroge
Wall Hook Flip 5-hook Nature

This wall-mounted coat rack has five flip hooks drawn down as...

249,95 DKK
Knob Mat Dream Blue
Knob Mat Dream Blue

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK


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    Deko Hjerte Jern-Silver
    49,95 DKK

    Heart with many small bells in silver-colored metal. Available in 3 sizes Small: D9cm Medium: D12cm Large: D16cm

    49,95 DKK
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    HUBBA Arched Wall Mirror Brass
    1 295,00 DKK

    Decorative Wall Mirror: Hubba Arched Mirror features an elegant and decorative metallic finish frame and unique arch shape that softens any roomIf you're living in a smaller space Hubba can trick the eye into making it appear larger, making light bounce around the room, visually expanding the spaceHub Arched measures 86 x 91 cm and comes with all...

    1 295,00 DKK
  • Store smart with this horizontal hanger.White: Powder coated metal wire with birch buds Black: Powder-coated metal wire with ash buds stained in walnut toneWidth: 714 mm Depth: 134 mm Height: 197 mm

    895,00 DKK
  • Easy-to-place small hanger for where you need it.White: Powder coated metal wire with birch buds Black: Powder-coated metal wire with ash buds stained in walnut toneWidth: 135mm Depth: 65mm Height: 90mm

    199,95 DKK
  • Lacquer tray 32x16 cm, 2 cm high edge The tray is made of MDF and has 13-15 coats of varnish

    279,00 DKK
  • Just for the coziness and dark evenings of the season, this architectural gem is launched in the Urbania series of beautiful and unique lighthouses. This small lighthouse is inspired by 1920s warehouses in New York and creates beautiful and special light silhouettes with the many small hand-carved windows in varying sizes Ceramic materials Width 7 cm...

    169,95 DKK
  • This double hook is made to install over the door, making efficient use of your space, creating easy to access storage This piece features Umbra’s signature design, Buddy, part of a collection featuring this playful, imaginative, and eye-catching figurine Each of these hooks holds 5 lbs. each, great for hanging coats, purses, scarves by your exit, or...

    149,95 DKK
  • Color: Mint (Dusty green) 98% Polyester, 2% Linen - Inner pillow made of goose feathers Solid color pillow in highly current elegant herringbone weaving with a touch of linen.

    349,95 DKK
  • Plastic rug for indoor and outdoor use, made in Sweden. Made of Swedish manufactured, certified phthalate free PVC ribbon, woven on traditional looms using wooden shuttles. Reinforced, welded edges for strength and durability. Very practical and easy-to-care-for, hand or machine wash at low temperature 30°C/85F, no spin. Measurements may vary ±4% due to...

    520,00 DKK
  • Every little detail matters to the overall look and feel of the bathroom. With this toilet paper holder called Paper from House Doctor, you not only get a practical solution, you also get a stylish one of a kind. Fill the basket with toilet paper rolls and place one on the wooden handle. It is a good alternative to a holder mounted on the wall, and with...

    385,00 DKK
  • Layla vases can be stacked with one another to create a beautiful arrangement or be used to display on their own. With three different sizes and colors, use Layla to showcase your stems, candles and more. Each vase features a soft touch of color, while the tallest clear stem vase has a ribbed texture detail.

    449,95 DKK
  • Mingle is a picture frame set in a gallery that comes with 4 frames that fit together nicely. Mingle's modern and unique design can be used to decorate any room in your home for an engaging image display These unique picture frames allow you to create a variety of layouts and expressions on any blank wall Mixed picture frames have different openings in...

    549,95 DKK
  • Completely Non-Damaging: This non-damaging tension curtain rod leaves no holes or damage on walls or ceilings, making it an ideal solution for rental apartments and condos Fully Adjustable: The Anywhere Rod’s height 7-10ft (213cm - 304cm) and width 35-66 inches (91cm - 167cm) can be adjusted to fit any space Use As A Room Divider: Use Anywhere tension...

    399,95 DKK
  • When mounted to the wall, Showcase Shelves give off the illusion that they are gently floating. Showcase is both clean and modern, through a gallery-like appearance, using a simplistic shelf design. Showcase’s concealed metal hardware can hold up to 11,3kg. each and is compact in size, measuring at 10,2 x 7,6 x 2,55cm. The shelves come with all hanging...

    199,95 DKK
  • Beautiful organizers with versatile storage, Allira is made of glass and is available in two different sizes, each with their own unique color and structured base. Choose to store your items in the lower part of Allira or place them on the screen in the open part built into each of their removable lids. Each Allira Organizer is sold separately, but can be...

    199,95 DKK
  • Cubiko 5 Hook has five movable hooks on a metal rail that instantly add a decorative but functional element to your walls. Cubiko is made of steel and is perfect for hanging your accessories, jackets and scarves up while keeping your space organized. This user-friendly storage solution is easy to install and can be used in different rooms in your home....

    249,95 DKK
  • Cubiko consists of two large shelves, a versatile hook to hang over your shower head and suction cups for additional stability and s-hooks for customizable storage. Cubiko is equipped with drainage holes that ensure that your products dry quickly. Each shelf has two larger holes that make it possible to store shampoo bottles spout down so the product can...

    299,95 DKK
  • Tesora Jewelry Stand is a contemporary, industrial-inspired jewelry storage device, constructed using raw architectural materials. The stand’s unique double wire detailing on each post makes for a secure display of earrings or cufflinks. Tesora Jewelry Stand measures at 6 ¼ (diameter) x 16 ¼ inches (height) and is an attractive and efficient product to...

    249,95 DKK
  • This two tiered jewelry storage box is both pretty and compact. TESORA ’s lid doubles as a tray to store rings or other small pieces and features two bowls that can be stacked or separated to sort and protect jewelry. Width: 12,7 cmHeight: 10,2cmDepth: 12,7 cm

    279,95 DKK
  • With a textured glass base, and brass detailing, Tesora Adjustable vase features a minimalist and elegant design that shows off any arrangement. Versatile for a variety of stems, Tesora adjusts in height from 6.25-9.5 inches (16-24.5 cm) to accommodate the height of your bouquet or flowers and has a low base, making it easy to water and care for your stems.

    299,95 DKK
  • Perch Wall Shelves are decorative wall shelves that can be displayed anywhere in the home. Whether the perfect spot for your keys, a plant, a picture frame and more, mount these shelves anywhere on the wall, together or separately. Easy to install and coming with all mounting hardware, Perch Shelves can be used with the open-facing side up or side down....

    229,95 DKK
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