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  • 10-pcs candle light - 20cm long - burning time 2.5 hoursBUY 3pcs of 10-pcs for 100kr

    39,95 DKK
  • Lantern Spring Green Glass D7xH8cm For t-lights

    49,95 DKK
  • Light candle - dia 2,1x28cm - burning 10 hours - 6 colors

    7,95 DKK
  • windlight Leona H19 green glass laquered Choose bestween 2 colors - light green ore dark green

    199,95 DKK
  • Create a cozy atmosphere with an elegant scented candle. The Nordic Pine scented candle from Meraki is made of soybean oil and therefore saves significantly less than a regular candle. Enjoy a beautiful fragrance with a little edge in the beautiful dark glass that fits perfectly into the modern home. The light has a burn time of 35 hours.Material Soya Fox...

    110,00 DKK
  • Place this fine glass vase in the solid black stand. The vas is a stylish and unique glass vase. If you want a beautiful vase in the home, this vase is definitely worth considering.The vase fit nicely to the dining table or coffee table in the living room, on the shelf.Size: H 21cm - and if you turn around the it will be 24 cm - Made black iron

    149,95 DKK
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    Cinnamon House 6w+2xside
    199,95 DKK 249,95 DKK -50,00 DKK

    The bark of the cinnamon tree made these delicious cinnamon houses. Besides they are beautiful and simple, so they smell great of cinnamon. Cinnamon house is beautiful alone or together with cinnamon houses in other sizes. Glass for tea lights included, and each house is protected with metal under the ceiling. Width: 6cm, Length: 8cm, Height 15cm

    199,95 DKK 249,95 DKK -50,00 DKK
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    Candle Holder Deer
    227,97 DKK 379,95 DKK -40%

    A source of beauty and light in any room, and true ‘conversation pieces’. Available in poplar plywood. They come with a copper cup for the candle, and are laser-cut in our studio in Amsterdam. The candle holders come flat packed and are very easy to assemble. When the stitch is assambled - H: 24cm, B: 21cm, D 17cm

    227,97 DKK 379,95 DKK -40%
  • Rustic and beautiful lantern for your garden or the terrace.Dimension: H: 59 cm D: 40 cm Material: Rattan

    999,95 DKK
  • Thor Høy found inspiration in the classic chambersticks in brass and silver from the 16th and 17th century. It is a minimalistic and useful small candlestick in walnut that fits both modern and classic interior decoration. The Chamber Candlestick is a clear-cut way to create warmth and cosiness in the bedroom or on the dinner table on a cold winter...

    199,95 DKK
  • Cirque from House Doctor is a modern candle holder with a beautiful, round shape. The candle holder also comes with a beautiful brass finish that adds an exclusive look to the item. Because of its simple and stylish look combined with a gorgeous brass colour, Cirque is a modern candle holder. Put it on top of a dresser, a dining table or on your...

    299,95 DKK
  • Can be used as a candlestick or espresso cups. Comes in a pack of 4 numbered 1-4.The style designed by Arne Jacobsen.

    299,00 DKK
  • Candle Holder POV Wall - Brass - Menu. POV candle to the wall is an elegant and playful product designed by Notice for Menu. The candlestick is beautiful in its simplicity and by hanging several together form a stunning graphic pattern on the wall.The candlestick is in powder-coated steel.Dimensions: H 21 x Ø 10.5 x W 18.5 cm

    399,95 DKK
  • Wood Lights Grey is 3 candlesticks made of mahogny and oak. The candlesticks play with nature's own characters, and the way they all differ from each other, creates inspiring color combinations wherever you place them.Wood Lights Blossom consists of three varieties: wjite, grey and pure wood. You can use the singles individually or you can stack them...

    499,95 DKK
  • Candlestick in green in an elegant and stylish design from Kähler in the Hammerhøi series. Hammershøi series has fine details with the characteristic grooves and a small collar on the neck.Size: H5,5 cm.Material: Ceramics

    129,95 DKK
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