• Sofa - Air
    Sofa Air - Broste Copenhagen

    Broste Copenhagen has designed the couch "Air", which goes so well with the whole series, where the combination of these beautiful...

    8 390,00 DKK 9 990,00 DKK -1 600,00 DKK
  • Chaiselong Wind Velour
    Sofa Wind Velour - Broste Copenhagen

    Broste Copenhagen series of furniture called "Wind" in beautiful Nordic style, with simple lines. The wind series consists of a sofa, a...

    8 385,00 DKK 9 990,00 DKK -1 605,00 DKK
  • Jason Sleeping Sofa - Softline

    JASON combines an appealing modern design with a practical function as a sofa bed. The high back and soft rounded corners, together with...

    8 000,00 DKK 16 150,00 DKK -8 150,00 DKK
  • Limited Special Offer
    Large Monkey - Kay Bojesen

    The monkey saw the light in for the first time in 1951. Kay Bojesen monkey has, with his exuberant personality and character, has the...

    7 489,00 DKK 9 995,00 DKK -2 506,00 DKK
  • Chaiselong Wind Velour
    Chaiselong Wind Velour

    Broste's Wind chaise longue has a beautiful Nordic style, with simple clean lines. There is also a sofa, chair, bench and pouf. The...

    7 440,00 DKK 8 990,00 DKK -1 550,00 DKK
  • Limited Special Offer
    Daybed - Air
    Daybed - Air

    Daybed AIR from Broste Copenhagen. Nice daybed in nordic style. In the same series: chair, puf and couch. Use it as extra seating space,...

    6 800,00 DKK 7 990,00 DKK -1 190,00 DKK
  • Havana Swivel Exhibition Model in Felt Petrol

    Busk and Hertzog has given the armchair a modern makeover, with elegant soft and dynamic lines. The result is the classic Havana chair,...

    6 500,00 DKK 9 370,00 DKK -2 870,00 DKK
  • Corner modul Ocean
    Corner modul Ocean

    Broste Copenhagen has designed the Ocean module sofa in a simple Nordic style. You can put together the various modules in a variety of...

    5 130,00 DKK 5 700,00 DKK
  • Happy the dog XL - Oak/Ash
    Happy the dog XL - Oak/Ash

    Big Happy is the big version of the popular Happy. It can do everything that Happy can - just in an even bigger, even happier and even...

    4 750,00 DKK 4 999,00 DKK -249,00 DKK
  • Single modul Ocean left
    Single modul Ocean left

    Broste Copenhagen has designed the Ocean module sofa in a simple Nordic style. You can put together the various modules in a variety of...

    4 680,00 DKK 5 200,00 DKK
  • Floor Rug Ada Pappelina _All colors
    Floor Rug Ada Pappelina 180x260 cm

    Ada floor runners have a simple checkered pattern. Available in 12 beautiful color combinations. The rugs are made of plastic made gently...

    4 150,00 DKK 4 600,00 DKK -450,00 DKK
  • Wind armchair - Broste Copenhagen
    Wind armchair - Broste Copenhagen

    The Wind armchair goes well with the other furniture in the Wind series. It comes in a durable velvet. It's clean lines fit perfectly the...

    4 090,00 DKK 4 995,00 DKK -905,00 DKK
  • Siff Ovalt Grøn Marmor sofabord - Cozy Living
    Siff Oval Marbel coffee table - Cozy Living

    Elegant oval coffee table in marble and glass, with metal stand in brass finish. The shelf below allows for storage of magazines and eg...

    3 990,00 DKK 4 490,00 DKK -500,00 DKK
  • Limited Special Offer
    Pendel Copernicus Antik Messing
    Chandelier antik brass and opal glas

    he chandelier exudes exclusivity and has a shape that stands out. Inspired by astronomy, it contributes to a bubbly and exciting form...

    3 880,00 DKK 4 850,00 DKK -20%
  • Armchair Port - Black
    Armchair Porto

    Elegant armchair from the Swedish brand Wikholm form. The armchair is made from FSC certified teak and black or brown cow leather.Size:...

    3 775,00 DKK 4 195,00 DKK -420,00 DKK
  • The Box One
    The Box One

    THE BOX ONE A simpel night table or small storage. The corpus of THE BOX is made of oak veneer, corners and the legs are solid oak....

    3 700,00 DKK 3 995,00 DKK -295,00 DKK
  • Porto bench, Cognac
    Porto bench, Cognac

    Beautiful and classic bench from Swedish WikholmForm. With the beautiful craftsmanship, braided leather and aesthetic expression, this...

    3 505,50 DKK 3 895,00 DKK
  • Bænk - Air
    Bench Wind - Broste Copenhagen

    Bench from the series "Air" created by Broste Copenhagen. Use it alone or in conjunction with the couch in the same series.Material:...

    3 150,00 DKK 3 495,00 DKK -345,00 DKK
  • Hund Rufus Mega Bøglæder
    Dog Rufus Mega Berch/Leather

    Oscar got a big brother - and one big one of the kind. Rufus is 33 cm tall and a bit of a unique from Hans Bølling's hand. Like Oscar,...

    2 999,00 DKK 3 499,00 DKK -500,00 DKK
  • Limited Special Offer
    Armstol June Brique 86cm
    Armstol June Brique 86cm
    2 795,00 DKK 3 995,00 DKK -1 200,00 DKK

Top Sellers

Pot holder Stanley, Small
Pot holder Stanley, 3 variants

Modern pot holder from Affari. Can be used indoors or out for...

29,95 DKK
LED lys med bevægelig flamme - 3 pak beigegrå/remote
LED Light 2-pc with remote/timer

Gift box with 2 LED light with realistic moving flame. With...

100,00 DKK
CONCEAL flydende væg-hylde 3-pak
Bookshelf Invisible 3-p

Conceal-shelves there is a new way to exhibit books. You get a...

249,95 DKK
Dækkeserviet Oval Black
Placemat Leather Oval Black

Beautiful and practical leather placemat with light sewing at...

119,00 DKK
Dækkeserviet Cognac Læder Oval
Placemat Leather Oval Cognac

Beautiful and practical leather placemat with light sewing at...

119,00 DKK
Knagerække "Flip" Maxi med 5 kroge
Wall Hook Flip 5-hook Nature

This wall-mounted coat rack has five flip hooks drawn down as...

249,95 DKK
Electric Cord with switch - 5 meter E14
Electric Cord with switch - 3,5 meter E14

The perfect wire to hang your Snow lampshades in star and snow...

75,00 DKK
Snow Flake Ellen 45cm

Beautiful lampshade shaped like a beautiful snowflake in the...

124,98 DKK
Glas LED dome ass.
Glas LED dome ass.

Glass dome with 2 fine winter motifs with either a deer or a...

49,98 DKK
Knob Mat Black
Knob Black Mat

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK
Coasters (3 sizes)
Round Coasters in Felt

Coasters in pure felted wool in many beautiful...

24,95 DKK
Seat cover Sheepskin "Ida" Ø38cm

Shepherd chair cushions are lovely soft and comfortable...

369,00 DKK


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    Gulvlampe Urban Triple
    1 749,00 DKK 1 799,00 DKK -50,00 DKK
    -50,00 DKK

    1 749,00 DKK 1 799,00 DKK -50,00 DKK
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    Floorlamp Ruben Rattan
    999,00 DKK 1 995,00 DKK -996,00 DKK
    -996,00 DKK

    Base in brass-colored metal with 1.8 meter fabric cord Light source not included Material: Rattan Color: Natural Height: 163 cm Diameter: 35 cm

    999,00 DKK 1 995,00 DKK -996,00 DKK
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    Wattson Surfbord Ash
    799,00 DKK 849,00 DKK -50,00 DKK
    -50,00 DKK

    Attach the Surfboard to the feet of your Mr. Wattson lamp, to add give it an extra look. This allows you to place it on the floor, in the window or anywhere you want it to stand and provides functional lighting that creates joy and puts a smile on your face. Note! The tablet is only an accessory for Mr. Wattson lamp in original size - The lamp is not...

    799,00 DKK 849,00 DKK -50,00 DKK
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    Gulvlampe Lavas Metal Messing
    1 250,00 DKK 2 495,00 DKK -1 245,00 DKK
    -1 245,00 DKK

    Beautiful metal lamp in black metal with brass inside - has small holes that let the light out through the screen. Dimensions: Ø40XH149CM E27 MAX 40WATT

    1 250,00 DKK 2 495,00 DKK -1 245,00 DKK
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    Floorlamp Urban Black
    1 599,95 DKK

    Beautiful floor lamp with beautiful matte finish and brass details. The screen can be rotated so you can use the light best possible.Classical, simple and formatted! Incl. black wire and E27 porcelain bulbfitting. Max. 60w.Height: 140 cm.Screen: Ø: 26 cm.

    1 599,95 DKK
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    Ziggy floor lamp
    3 500,00 DKK

    The beautiful and simple optical creation of Nir Chehanowski for the design firm Studio Cheha, the ZIGGi B floor lamp, is one of the best seller creations of this studio. This floor lamp can be used like a night light. A flat sheet of clear acrylic is carefully laser engraved and perched from a birch wood arm and iron base. When illuminated, LED light...

    3 500,00 DKK
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    Gulvlampe Hello Hvid
    4 999,00 DKK

    Futuristic floor lamp ihas a playful design! Hello is simple and round shapes and it's constrictive materials give the lamp character and personality. Designed by Jonas Wagell for Normann Copenhagen. PS! The lamp is an exhibition model and sold in used condition - see it in our store Material:Beech, steel and acrylic.Goal:H 165 cm.Ø 49 cm.

    4 999,00 DKK
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    Lamp Elias H160
    1 249,00 DKK

    Lamp Elias H160 D42cm black iron laquered MAX40W,1xE27, EU PLUG Length of cabel: 2M

    1 249,00 DKK
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    Caravaggio Read gulvlampe
    2 495,00 DKK 3 495,00 DKK -1 000,00 DKK
    -1 000,00 DKK

    2 495,00 DKK 3 495,00 DKK -1 000,00 DKK
  • Caravaggio floor lamp by Cecilie Manz is made of metal and has a high-gloss screen on a semi-matte base and stand. The deep screen hides a flexible tube, which allows you to tilt the screen up to 40 degrees. The lamp is turned on and off by pulling the small cord. Height 151.5 Shade diameter 40 Foot diameter 33

    6 695,00 DKK
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    Gulvlampe Radon Nigra F-
    3 371,25 DKK 4 495,00 DKK -25%

    Radon is a delicious floor lamp in strict design. The long pins placed in a 3-panel type which provides good stability. The circular screen is adjustable and fitted with a reflector that ensures efficient distribution of light. The switch is located on the floorlamps head and the cord leads elegantly out of the rear leg and emphasizes the lamp's clean.

    3 371,25 DKK 4 495,00 DKK -25%
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    Gulvlampe Swea
    2 099,00 DKK

    Decorate your living room with the beautiful "Swea" floor lamp, which is made of oiled machined ash and a display of rolled white plastic tape. In follow a transparent cable with switch and a floor switch.

    2 099,00 DKK
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