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  • Baby Seal is the smallest of Chresten Sommer’s two seals. It is built for your windowsill or your dresser – maybe in company with Female Seal – and adds Nordic touch, nature and a bit of Danish design tradition to your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Height: 6 cm Width: 9,6 cm Length: 12,7 cm Material: Oak, natural rubber, plastic, bee wax, foam stuffing

    249,95 DKK
  • Female Seal is a playful and decorative seal in oak wood.  Her raw and simple look – given to her by the wood she is made of – is perfectly supplemented with a more childlike aesthetic expression that works optimally on shelves, window ledges and drawers. It is an interior design that appeals to both kids and grown-ups. Height: 8,6 cm Width: 14 cm...

    349,95 DKK
  • The Split Pitcher were designed by Eva Stæhr-Nielsen in 1933, and is one of her best-known works. The pitcher is made of stoneware with broken white glazeThe sculptural, unique shape allows you to use it as a jug, vase or just as a decorative object on the shelf.The bowl is also available in a smaller edition with a height of 18 cm.

    749,00 DKK
  • Fun table trivet from Spring Copenhagen. The Hans Hans table trivet is designed by Nis Hauge who has a play in his designs. That's why Klods Hans protects not just protect your table, it also creates a playful expression on the dining table.Material:egGoal:H: 2 cmL: 19.5 cmB: 9 cm

    219,95 DKK
  • Thor Høy found inspiration in the classic chambersticks in brass and silver from the 16th and 17th century. It is a minimalistic and useful small candlestick in walnut that fits both modern and classic interior decoration. The Chamber Candlestick is a clear-cut way to create warmth and cosiness in the bedroom or on the dinner table on a cold winter...

    199,95 DKK
  • The Salt Egg, in beautiful ash wood, was designed by Tonn-P for more than 50 years ago, but never put in production, because at the time was seen as quite difficult to produce. But now Spring Copenhagen has relaunched the Salt Egg in cooperation with Tonn-P's family. The Salt Egg is functional design and a natural companion to Tonn-P's Pepperbird.

    499,95 DKK
  • Wood Lights Grey is 3 candlesticks made of mahogny and oak. The candlesticks play with nature's own characters, and the way they all differ from each other, creates inspiring color combinations wherever you place them.Wood Lights Blossom consists of three varieties: wjite, grey and pure wood. You can use the singles individually or you can stack them...

    499,95 DKK
  • Salt penguin is a Danish quality salt mill in walnut, ash and maple, designed by Jens Ivan Christoffersen. It was roomy, salt irreplaceable properties and the cold Arctic Ocean, which inspired J. I. Christoffersen to create Salt penguin.

    699,00 DKK
  • Spring Copenhagen Pepper Owl is a wooden pepper grinder designed as a cute owl. The oak grinder is made of lacquered rubber tree and has a crush gate grinder.Jesper Wolff has created a natural, simple and functional grinder inspired by the adventurous life of the Nordic forests.H: 13 cm L: 7 cm W: 7 cm

    499,95 DKK
  • Height: 19.7 cm Width: 15 cm Weight: 970 g Glazed stoneware. Clean only the surface with a dry, clean cloth. Designed by Eva Stæhr-Nielsen

    499,00 DKK
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    Tinder Money Box Dog
    399,00 DKK

    Tinder Money Box Dog designed by Jesper Wolff Height: 15 cmLength: 11,5 cmWidth: 11,5 cmMaterial: Beech, maple and walnut

    399,00 DKK
  • Tucana is a Danish pepper grinder of high quality. Tucana designed by Sven Erik Tonn-Petersen (Tonn-P). It is made of mahogany, ash, maple and walnut, and first saw the light of day in the late 1950s. His idea of Tucana was to create a simple and recognizable everyday icon that is both functional and can adorn any table.

    699,00 DKK
  • Clumsy Hans is a Danish, trivet in oak while a unique wooden figure that may vary in form and expression.Nis Hauge tanks with Clumsy Hans-trivet is to create a functional and recognizable product that is also a playful sculpture on the dining table and in the home's small corners.Clumsy Hans-trivet was first produced in early 1996 and was re-launched in...

    219,95 DKK
  • Jesper Wolffs has designed a cute and functional grinder, inspired by nature and the Nordic tundra. It looks great in the kitchen, at the dinner table and as a wooden sculpture on the shelf in the living room. It fits perfectly together with the Pepperowl grinder from the same designer. Højde: 13 cm Længde: 7 cm Bredde: 7 cm Material: Maple, mahogany, walnut

    499,95 DKK
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