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Pot holder Stanley, Small
Pot holder Stanley, 3 variants

Modern pot holder from Affari. Can be used indoors or out for...

34,95 DKK
Glasskåner Modena D10 cm
Coaster Modena Ø10 cm

Coaster Modena in Polyester-felt, Ø 10cm in 3 different...

14,95 DKK
Knob Mat Seagreen

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK
LED lys med bevægelig flamme - 3 pak beigegrå/remote
LED Light 2-pc with remote/timer

Gift box with 2 LED light with realistic moving flame. With...

100,00 DKK
Knob Mat White
Knob Mat White

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK
Knob Mat Petrol

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK
Knob Mat Dream Blue
Knob Mat Dream Blue

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

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CONCEAL flydende væg-hylde 3-pak
Bookshelf Invisible 3-p

Conceal-shelves there is a new way to exhibit books. You get a...

299,95 DKK
Dækkeserviet Cognac Læder Oval
Placemat Leather Oval Cognac

Beautiful and practical leather placemat with light sewing at...

135,00 DKK
Smykke Stand Messing
Jewelry stand - Brass or Chromegrey

With the Trigem three-tier jewelry stand, three plated bars...

269,00 DKK
Dækkeserviet Oval Black
Placemat Leather Oval Black

Beautiful and practical leather placemat with light sewing at...

135,00 DKK
Knob Mat Black
Knob Black Mat

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK

Hygiene and care 

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  • Get fuller and more well-groomed hair with this Northern Dawn shampoo from Meraki. A vegetable protein strengthens each strand of hair from the inside to the outside, while extracts from carrot, parsley and organic aloe vera nourish and moisturize. Organically certified by ECOCERT CosmosNotes: Fresh orange, cedar and sweet balsamic vinegar.Contents: 490 ml.

    184,95 DKK
  • Let the hand soap become a decorative element for the decor in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the utility room. With Meraki's organic certified hand soap, Northern dawn, you get a caring and moisturizing soap for your hands, which contains extract from carrot and parsley as well as organic aloe vera. The soap, which is for all skin types, is suitable...

    149,95 DKK
  • After a nice bath, it is time to moisturize the body with a wonderful cream. Northern dawn, is an organically certified body lotion from Meraki, which contains organic aloe vera and almond oil. When using the body lotion, the skin is cared for, softened and moisturized. The fragrant lotion is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily. With its...

    169,95 DKK
  • Treat your hands with a nourishing hand lotion that both moisturizes and softens the hands. This organically certified hand lotion, Silky mist, is perfect for after hand washing or when the hands just need extra care. Our lotion contains organic aloe vera, jojoba oil and cocoa butter and is for all skin types. Note: Combine with wall mount for convenient...

    130,00 DKK
  • Sonnet hand disinfectant in practical 1 liter refill. Ready to use alcohol solution for hygienic hand disinfection. Effective against bacteria, fungi, influenza viruses and noroviruses. Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) 70% Vegetable glycerin <1% Bergamot essential oil * (contains limonene and linalool) Potassium citrate Water

    69,95 DKK
  • The organically certified body butter, Northern Dawn, from Meraki leaves the skin soft and supple - completely free of fat. It contains organic aloe vera and shea butter as well as oils from almond, sunflower and olive. If you have normal or very dry skin, our body butter will be perfect for you. Simply massage the cream gently into the skin and your body...

    160,00 DKK
  • Use this shaving brush from Meraki Men to spread the shaving soap gently in your face before shaving. The hairs on the brush are made of polyproylen and the handle is made of ashwood. After use, clean the brush in hot water and place it lying with the brush downwards. When the brush is dry it will be ready for your next shaving.Size h: 10 cm, dia:. top:...

    260,00 DKK
  • You can obtain a soft, creamy and pleasant shaving by use of this shaving soap from Meraki. Before shaving, apply the soap on your skin and experience how the soap makes the shaving smooth, close and pleasant. After shaving, you can apply a suitable shaving oil to moisturise your skin completely. Your skin will feel soft and well-cared-for after a...

    90,00 DKK
  • Northern dawn, is a wonderful ecologically certified body wash from Meraki, where you get a wonderful soap for the body, in packaging that you would like to have standing in front. With its beautiful packaging, our body wash will look great in the shower and add a decorative touch. It contains extract from carrot and parsley and organic aloe vera, which...

    159,95 DKK
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    Bodylotion, Linen dew - 300ml
    108,75 DKK 145,00 DKK -25%

    Moisturize and care for the skin with a wonderful body lotion from Meraki. Our organically certified body lotion, Linen dew, is perfect for caring for, moisturizing and softening the body. The body lotion is with organic aloe vera and avocado oil and is suitable for daily use, for all skin types. Spread an appropriate amount of lotion all over the body...

    108,75 DKK 145,00 DKK -25%
  • Massage and clean your skin with this body brush. Brush massage promotes circulation and can also be very good before a shower on dry skin. Rento bath and body brush is made of bamboo and natural hair. Removable handle makes it easy and apply on the whole body - length 41cm

    119,00 DKK
  • Round brush made of bamboo and natural bristles, hanging strap in jute. Massage your skin clean with the easy-sounding brush spirit and your favorite soap. Stimulates your body's circulation. Also suitable for dry brushing.Brush of bamboo, 9.5 cm in diameter

    99,95 DKK
  • Rento nail brush is made of bamboo and natural hair.8,4cm x 4,2cm x 1,9cm

    39,95 DKK
  • Scrub glove - made of washed cotton and linen. Loops in 100% linen and base in 100% cotton.24 x 14 x 2cm

    149,95 DKK
  • Rentos bak washer is soft and lizards in 100% linen, base in 100% cotton.Practical massage belt for the back is designed not just to massage your skin. Thanks to the oblong can also be accessed on the less accessible areas of your body. Practical handles and appropriate length are perfect for a back massage. Size: 14 cm x 70 cm

    149,95 DKK
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