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Pot holder Stanley, Small
Pot holder Stanley, 3 variants

Modern pot holder from Affari. Can be used indoors or out for...

34,95 DKK
Glasskåner Modena D10 cm
Coaster Modena Ø10 cm

Coaster Modena in Felt, Ø 10cm in 3 different colors. Shoose...

14,95 DKK
LED lys med bevægelig flamme - 3 pak beigegrå/remote
LED Light 2-pc with remote/timer

Gift box with 2 LED light with realistic moving flame. With...

100,00 DKK
Knob Mat Seagreen

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK
Knob Mat White
Knob Mat White

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK
Curtain Rod Brass
Curtain Rod Brass

Attractive Modern Design: Cappa adjustable curtain rod...

349,95 DKK
Knob Mat Dream Blue
Knob Mat Dream Blue

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK
CONCEAL flydende væg-hylde 3-pak
Bookshelf Invisible 3-p

Conceal-shelves there is a new way to exhibit books. You get a...

299,95 DKK
Knob Mat Petrol

Beautiful porcelain hooks or handles from Aspegren. Often the...

35,00 DKK
Dækkeserviet Oval Black
Placemat Leather Oval Black

Beautiful and practical leather placemat with light sewing at...

135,00 DKK
Otto Sensor Pump
Otto Soap Sensor Pump

Otto's sleek profile and matte finish look great in any...

195,00 DKK
Dækkeserviet Cognac Læder Oval
Placemat Leather Oval Cognac

Beautiful and practical leather placemat with light sewing at...

135,00 DKK

List of products by manufacturer House Doctor

At House Doctor, we help you to find just the right remedy for your home. Regardless of the patient's condition, we have just the right remedy for creating a unique and personal style for your home. 

Our style is provocative, personal, and informal. We believe that the time is right for mixing elements rather than trying to match them all up. 

But a word of warning: our products are very addictive and may cause rapid heartbeat – even in small doses!

House Doctor's products are designed in-house and we continuously ensure that quality is never compromised.

House Doctor is a family-run interior design business with its own consulting room in Denmark. 

The company is run by three playful siblings – Rikke Juhl Jensen, Gitte Juhl Capel, and Klaus Juhl Pedersen. They all share a creative gene and a belief in the fact that beautiful interiors enhance your passion for life.

The family trio ran a successful industrial design business for a few years. But ideas for new products quickly started to emerge – and in 2001 House Doctor was born.

Over time, new additions have arrived in the House Doctor family – people with a passion for developing the brand. At our head office in Ikast in Mid-Jutland, 50 dedicated house doctors work on tracking current trends and designing new, luxurious interior accessories for the contemporary home and other design emergencies.

  • Let your guests indulge in a delicious salad with this salad set called Grabi from House Doctor. They are made of teak root and come in a deep brown color, which will add a natural and rustic touch to the table. You get a minimalist design in a durable material that is perfect for an everyday dinner with friends and family. l: 30.5 cm, w: 7.5 cm

    159,95 DKK
  • Forged from House Doctor is a rustic hook with a simple shape. The hook is made of iron, coated with a nice, golden finish

    49,95 DKK
  • Floral are decorative and practical storage boxes from House Doctor, which give a little life to the home. Closes with a brass magnet on the front, which makes them extra fine. Floral is a combination of cardboard and brass. The storage boxes are available in two sizes and both are in a nice gray color with a floral pattern on. Here the size is small and...

    149,95 DKK
  • Do you need neat and practical storage for small items at home? This basket from House Doctor is made of seagrass. The basket is perfect for storing laundry in the bathroom, for storing little things in a room or maybe as a different pot for a plant. The basket is not waterproof, so remember to put the plant in an ordinary pot. L: dia: 45 cm, h .: 53cm...

    999,00 DKK
  • This copper bottle is a wonderful example of how the material makes all the difference. House Doctor has designed Al, as it is called, in a minimalist and clean form, where the shiny copper is at the center. The outer surface has been given a protective layer of varnish to preserve the appearance. It is ideal for cold and lukewarm drinks. Make it your new...

    329,95 DKK
  • Make it easy for yourself to handle the hot items in the kitchen. These beautiful knitted potholders will create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen and at the same time have a practical function. Comes in sets of 2 - L: 24 cm, W 24 cm

    199,95 DKK
  • Hooks are a must have in any home! And this beautiful hook from House Doctor will without a doubt be a perfect addition to everything from the entrance to the street dress. With the hook, Pipes, you get a hook and sculpture in one and the same piece of furniture. The beautiful hook has seven hooks that you can unfold as needed. Use the unique hook for the...

    820,00 DKK
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    Christmas tree with led lights
    1 195,00 DKK

    Make Christmas extra cozy with a decorative Christmas tree from House Doctor. Create a cozy atmosphere by lighting up the Christmas tree's 90 small LED bulbs using a transformer. The Christmas tree is made of PE and poly foam. It measures 60 cm. in length, 60 cm. in width and 125 cm. in height. A beautiful Christmas tree where the look is simple with a twist

    1 195,00 DKK
  • In a beautiful table arrangement, placemats take part in creating the finishing touches in an elegant and stylish way – and these placemats from House Doctor are not an exception. The placemats, Circle, have a light grey colour and will match any dinner set perfectly in combination with the beautiful, natural material. The placemats come in a package of...

    169,95 DKK
  • Set the table with your favorite set and then serve ice-cold water in this beautiful pitcher from House Doctor. The jug is called Rustic, and measures 11.8 cm in height. A perfect dinner for dinner during the evening meal, afternoon tea or your favorite drink on a Friday evening. For whatever reason, the beautiful jug will be open to use. Rustic is made...

    159,95 DKK
  • Cirque from House Doctor is a modern candle holder with a beautiful, round shape. The candle holder also comes with a beautiful brass finish that adds an exclusive look to the item. Because of its simple and stylish look combined with a gorgeous brass colour, Cirque is a modern candle holder. Put it on top of a dresser, a dining table or on your...

    299,95 DKK
  • Baby is a cute little vase from House Doctor, which has a beautiful drop-shaped idiom. The vase is made in faience and is glazed in a brownish glaze, which gives the vase a patinated and rustic look. It is perfect with a small branch or flower in, but also beautiful alone. Baby has a height of 10 cm. and a diameter of 9 cm. You get a unique vase where no...

    69,95 DKK
  • Set a beautiful table with these beautiful table covers from House Doctor. The Circle napkin is made of corn leaves and has a nice structure. The beautiful henna color is perfect for creating a contrast to a classic, stylish and simple table setting and will at the same time highlight your plates. You can also use the deck napkin as a nice detail in the...

    169,95 DKK
  • Set a beautiful and welcoming table with this stunning egg cup. With Rustique from House Doctor, you get a cool and rustic egg cup that is perfect for the Nordic-inspired interior style. The egg cup is made of stoneware in beautiful blue and grey shades giving it a gorgeous and very stylish appeal. Combine this egg cup with other products from the...

    49,95 DKK
  • Whether you use it on a trip to the beach or take it with you to a walk through the woods, this beautiful black and flower-pattern polyester bag has the space for everything you need. The bag is called Bota and measures 42 cm in length and 38 cm in width. Wash this bag from House Doctor at a gentle cycle at a maximum of 30°C using a slow spin cycle. Do...

    139,95 DKK
  • With face and body lotion from Meraki, skin care becomes easy. Developed specifically for men, this lotion nourishes and moisturizes both the fine skin of the face and the more robust skin of the rest of the body. The combination of a lotion for both face and body in one makes skin care easy and straightforward for you. The lotion contains extract from...

    145,00 DKK
  • Gentle and effective hand soap with a wonderful, fresh scent of cactus flower. The hand soap is, of course, cleansing but also nursing on the skin, partly because of the content of aloe vera - therefore you do not necessarily need to use hand cream after washing. The hand soap is mild and suitable for all skin types. The soap comes in a fine green bottle...

    140,00 DKK
  • Make your kitchen more personal and inviting with beautiful wooden kitchen utensils. The natural material creates warmth and atmosphere in the room and gives your decor a relaxed and personal look. The palette knife Nature from House Doctor may like to stand up. Put it in a jar and let it decorate on the kitchen table. The pallet knife is made of acacia...

    49,95 DKK
  • Vase Baby - White It is the small details that can make the big difference. Baby Pharaoh is a beautiful and decorative vase from House Doctor that fits well into most homes. The vase is teardrop shaped and made in faience. It is coated with white glaze and has a rustic and patinated expression. Use the vase as part of the decoration in your home - either...

    69,95 DKK
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    Club wall lamp, black/white
    1 269,00 DKK 1 345,00 DKK -76,00 DKK

    Club wall lamp from House Doctor, simple and stylish wall lamp for a variety of purposes.The body of the lamp head can be tilted up and down and from side to side.Dimensions: dia: 18/20 cm, h: 54 cm, l: 22 cm, Socket: E27, max 25 watt 2.50 m cord included.

    1 269,00 DKK 1 345,00 DKK -76,00 DKK
    Reduced price!
  • Small jars with lid are perfect for storing small items. For filling chocolates, almonds or sugar - or maybe for paper clips and small notes in the office. RAW is a beautiful lid from House Doctor, made of stoneware. It gives the jar a nice rustic look that brings warmth and personality to your home. Finish and color will vary from jar to jar. To be...

    119,95 DKK
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